Actively Developed

If you didn’t know, iOS development is not my full time occupation. I’m a dancer in a professional ballet company and unfortunately this time of year is busier I had anticipated.

Yes, everyone has responsibilities. I understand that and would like to be clear and upfront about the development of Prose. The next version is coming.

What’s In The Pipeline?

Many things are being developed. Here are a few:

  • Re-written data and networking layers. ADNKit uses an outdated version of AFNetworking, to keep up with iOS 7 and 8’s new networking APIs, ADNKit is not being used.
  • A new interface. In the current version, horizontal swipes can trigger many things. This is confusing and will be addressed by a new, more modular, interface.
  • Inline images in posts.
  • Themes.
  • Share extension.

It’s a rewrite of nearly everything.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew given the amount of time I have for development. However, I’ve made progress on all of these fronts and am now working on combining everything together into an app I can be proud of.

I apologize for taking so long. If you’re a iPhone 6/6+ owner I must apologize again. Scaled apps look terrible and Prose is no exception.

Thank you for your kind words, bug reports, and patronage. The next iteration is coming.